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Garden Makeovers

Maintaining a flourishing

Pitstop Gardening Service is No.1 – Service To Body Corporates in Melbourne.

A well-maintained garden helps in making a grand first impression concerning your Melbourne property, particularly a body corporate property that you may be running. To be able for you to look outside your property, and see a well maintained garden and grounds makes you feel at ease and relaxed.

Imagine having an elegant, beautiful, well-maintained lawn and garden right in front of your main entrance of your body corporate. Now you can have one too with our premium quality body corporate garden maintenance services at highly affordable prices! We have very affordable packages at a minimal monthly amount.

Pitstop Gardening Service is an expert at providing body corporate garden maintenance that can create a garden or a lawn on your business property which will help in making the right impression regarding the quality of your corporation. We know what needs doing when around your property so that it’s airways looking it’s best. If it’s just for maintaining the lawns at their best, we come into your Melbourne property when the lawn requires cutting. We mow all grass areas leaving no debris over the lawn, we edge all lawn areas and brush cut where needed. We blow clean all paths, driveways, and particularly clean around building areas. If the garden also forms part of the maintenance package, we know when to cut back the plants, mulch and fertilise so that your garden is always looking it’s best. Having the garden and lawn areas maintained by Pitstop Gardening Service will help in communicating to your clients, business partners, employees, suppliers and anyone else passing by that you are an executive level business that spends on the outlook of your business property! As we know in business, first impressions are everything and portraying the right image for your business or body corporate area is so important.

A proper garden in the vicinity of your body corporate can also help you create a calm and cool atmosphere in the surroundings of your business place. Through our Melbourne body corporate garden maintenance services, we can strengthen your lawns to give you aesthetic as well as functional benefits. You can create a special seating area for your clients and guests in your highly maintained lawns where they can enjoy pure and unadulterated goodness of nature while visiting you!

For a Body Corporate area that is always neat, clean & maintained, Pitstop Gardening Service are the experts. We have packages starting from just $55.00 per month for lawns, edges, blowing driveways/paths, and weed management included. Call ; Pitstop Gardening Service to discuss the maintenance needs of your body corporate or business.

PreSale House Makeover services – Pitstop Gardening Service

Body Corporate Garden Maintenance

Our highly affordable pre sale house and garden makeover services can completely transform the way your property looks! We take care of every little detail for you when you are selling your property, so that you receive the maximum return possible for your house. For Your Pre sale Garden Makeover, we focus on the market you’re aiming at, as well as standing out with other house and gardens in the area.

Pre sale home makeover

We have image consultants and real estate agents that are Melbourne property experts that know your area and know exactly what your buyers are after. They walk through the property and advise what changes are needed to really turn it into a million dollar property. We have packages to suit the individual house, for the area and what is needed to get you the client, the maximum possible return in your Melbourne home sale.

Part of Pitstop Gardening Service House Make over service, we have cleaners that clean every inch of the house, and then if needed they can help in packing and decluttering the house, as well as having storage available at very reasonable rates.. We have professional painters who can give the house a fresh coat of paint, to bring the property back to new again in only 1-2 days. We have the best trades people, who work quickly and efficiently to bring your property back to new, with a modern look. Our Experts know how to really dress a house with the right accessorising and furniture available for hire. By using us to prep your home for sale, your ensuring it’s looking its best to !!!

Pre Sale Garden Makeover Services

Pitstop Gardening Service are experts at giving Melbourne garden makeovers – even to gardens that are in the worst condition imaginable! You need not stress about it – just let the experts at Pitstop Gardening Service handle your garden, give your property a pre sale garden makeover so it’s looking amazing, and you get the best possible price for it!

– We offer Garden make overs not just for when you’re selling, but when you want to give your garden a good tidy up so you’ll look forward to coming home each day and spending time in your garden. The great benefit of using our Garden Makeover and Landscaping service is enjoying spending time in your garden with Family and Friends, and everyone saying how Great your property looks.

In our Melbourne Garden Make overs, we take account of the other neighbouring gardens, the existing house and garden style and leave you with a garden that has a wow factor. We use flowers, foliage and form to make sure you have a stunning garden.

We have several Garden Make Over Packages available, so that there’s an affordable garden make tidy up for all. Our basic make over package to cover pruning/ shaping of plants, weeding of paths / garden, and mulching of garden beds.

Part of our other garden makeovers, whether when house selling, or just wanting to transform the look of the property will have more of a landscaping – re-shaping of the garden. We will move plants that don’t suit the garden, and use plants that blend in with your house and existing garden style. We will fit in with your budget and the style of garden that you’re aiming for.

For more information on our garden & house makeover services or our body corporate garden maintenance service, please call us at Pitstop Gardening Service or send us an email to discuss your service Requirements.