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Grass Slashing Services

As your slashing contractors, we will be your partners in getting your grass under control and reducing your Fire Hazard on your property. We cover small backyards, to broad acre properties that has grass to be cut, or has long overgrown grass that needs bringing down to size. We grass slash all types of areas, from hilly blocks, or grass areas with lots of trees and garden beds. We have Grass Cutting Equipment that will quickly make the area look beautiful and well maintained. You will once again have  healthy lawns and gardens in your Melbourne property that you will be proud of!!

If you are looking for effective and accurate grass slashing services then Pitstop Gardening Service is the one you need to hire as slashing contractors for your Melbourne property. We are grass slashing experts for all kinds of residential and commercial properties and can cater to lawns and gardens of varying sizes!

Grass Slashing Melbourne

Our grass slashing service for our Melbourne clients can help resolve a variety of grass growth problems. Through expert grass slashing we can:

  • Tame your wild grass and make it grow in an organised and neat manner;
  • Bring your over grown grass back to a normal size so your Melbourne property looks prim and proper; You can use the entire property once more!!
  • We Cut Grass that has become too long & thick for an residents smaller Ride on. Instead of taking hours cutting the grass themselves and damaging their smaller machine, we cut it flat in no time, so it can once again be managed by their domestic ride on.
  • We’ll stop the growth of all the weeds taking over the property, the longer it’s left – the more it grows wild. We can cut through blackberry, capeweed and other noxious woody weeds, bringing it down to size so it can be sprayed and managed.
  • Reducing your Fire Hazard Risk, that your Family can sleep soundly, knowing that your property is once again safe.

We use the latest slashers on our Melbourne client’s lawns and gardens while executing grass slashing services in order to produce the best of results for you. Our equipment works fast, accurately, without making too much of a mess or producing too much noise!

We have several sized high powered zero turn machines that can slash down any grass area quickly. For Limited access areas, we have hand slashing self propelled machines that leave a clean cut finish. We also brush cut those other areas that can’t be accessed by our other equipment. We at Pitstop Gardening Service know that we’re the best value service in Melbourne when it comes to Grass Slashing, that is due to us having the best commercial equipment available that can cut grass quickly and efficiently, even tall Grass. Even when it comes to brush cutting, we get the work done in half the time that it takes others, cause we’ve got the best equipment and we work fast.

Slashing is Essential Fire Hazard Prevention – For Sure!

PITSTOP GARDENING SERVICE – Are Fire Hazard Prevention Experts throughout the Melbourne area!!

Slashing Contractors

Pitstop Gardening Service has been completing Fire Hazard Prevention work for the Department of Human Services throughout Melbourne and beyond for over 12 Years, covering areas from Leopold in Geelong to Marysville and are known as a reliable contractor who gets the job done expertly every time.

Fire Prevention is paramount to us all, the well being of our Homes & Loved ones. Being in a semi rural area, it is so important to always keep the grass under control. If you have long grass on your property, you can’t sleep with the stress of an unsafe property surrounding you! The Risk that the Fire could start on your property quite easily and not just burn your property, but many of your neighbours too. A Fire can so easily start through sparks, and objects like cigarette butts being thrown into the grass. Other Reasons to have the grass slashed on your Melbourne Property on a regular basis, is so the properties kept clean and easy to manage. It is especially important as a minimum, having the boundaries cut with a 15 metre perimeter and spraying around the fence lines, which we can also take care of for you..

If we mow the property on a regular basis, we are able to cut the grass lower,because we can see what we’re cutting, which leaves a better cut grass finish and is more economical, because the grass is cut a lot faster

As mentioned, we also do grass slashing in domestic blocks using one of our grass cutting machines, depending on available access. The trouble with have long, unsightly grass on your property is the obvious Fire Hazard that poses to you, your Family and your Property. Besides that, it is a living place of horrible vermin, most notably rats, mice and snakes, which nobody wants on their property. It is a common place when we are mowing through on our ride on mowers to see mice running through the grass. So for health reasons, we certainly recommend keeping your grass cut to a reasonable level. Weeds are also kept from propagating and continually dropping seed when the grass cutting is completed regularly.

Pitstop Gardening Herbicide Spraying

Pitstop Gardening Service can also complete herbicide spraying around your property as part as the Fire Hazard Management program to keep clean property boundaries and nature strips.

We also can help get your properties weed problem under control by the use of selective and non-selective herbicides. Examples of what we do is a recent 10 acre property covered in blackberries that we mowed and then sprayed the blackberries through the entire property as it was growing back up again. It is now back under control. Another problem property had its grass areas continually covered in cape weed and clover and looked terrible. We used a selective herbicide over a few months and they are now getting some nice useable grass areas through their property.

We know when to spray and how to spray to fix up your problem lawn areas. We have 20 years’ experience chemical spraying and are Fully Trained in Chemical Usage and Handling.

Pitstop Gardening Service always focuses on providing complete and comprehensive services

If you chose Pitstop Gardening Service to become your grass slashing, or herbicide spraying contractors, you can be sure of experiencing a great improvement in the quality of your lawns and gardens on your Melbourne property. You can direct your queries to us or give us a call for any further details you require concerning our grass slashing or herbicide spraying service for our Melbourne clients!