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Lawn Mowing Services Melbourne

The aroma, the sensation, the touch and the look – what has not to love about freshly cut grass? If you want smartly trimmed lawns and gardens in your Melbourne property then you need to give our lawn mowing services a chance!

Pitstop Gardening Service holds the expertise in executing accurate lawn mowing services on the properties of our Melbourne clients. We have an understanding of what the ideal frequency of lawn mowing is which should be followed, and the grass height we need to maintain, so your lawns are always healthy and beautiful.

Mowing Services Melbourne

As lawn mowing service experts in Melbourne, we go into the mowing details in order to ensure we are providing you with the best lawn mowing services. For example, we understand that the ideal grass mowing heights varies based on the grass type. We understand that a common Tall Fescue all season grass needs to be cut 2 to 2.5 inches, where a santa ana couch grass is cut around 1.75-2 inches to keep the flat bowling green manicured look. The prerequisite for knowing and following ideal grass heights is the ability to recognise the grass types and with our experience as a lawn mowing service provider, you can count on us to understand your grass well!

We feel the pain of the grass when we see badly cut and scalped grass by other lawn mowing services, – it can often take weeks & months to recover from such punishment. We know and can advise on the ideal time to water and fertilise your lawns, so you have the lushest and healthiest lawns possible, and one that can withstand Melbourne’s  hot summer conditions.

Lawn Mowing in Plenty, Eltham, Ivanhoe, Kew, Lower Plenty & Templestowe

Safety First – Mowing to Follow!

Our workers are well trained in taking all possible safety precautions so they can safely execute lawn-mowing service for you. Here is how they ensure safety while mowing:

  • They have the basic understanding of lawn mowers and how they need to be operated;
  • They know how to handle lawn mowers in difficult terrains as well as uphill and downhill;
  • They wear proper gear for mowing;
  • They inspect the lawn before starting to mow and get rid of stones, pebbles, debris, etc., all the things that pose a threat to safety;
  • They will never leave mower unattended and will make sure to turn it off while they are executing other lawn maintenance services.
  • 10 Million Insurance Cover if anything does happen.
  • We are Trained in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), we believe in looking after the safety of our workers, the general public and property. You are always in safe hands with Pitstop Gardening Working on Site.

Make sure you get rejuvenated by nature’s true beauty by allowing us to maintain your Melbourne lawns with our superior quality lawn mowing services!