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Grass Cutting Service

Why Pitstop Gardening Servicesfor All your Grass Cutting Needs,- because they are both the experts at maintaining your manicured lawn to perfection & keeping it weed free, or taking on that metre high jungle of grass & Real Fire Hazard,- than cutting the grass down like a bowling green and handing back something you can be proud of once more.

Are you able to see a beautiful green lawn, which entices one to come, sit and play on when you look at your lawn? Is the grass green, beautiful and natural? Or does it look all brown, burnt and scorched? While only you can answer these questions, their answers determine what your needs are as far as the lawn is concerned.

Taking care of your lawn can require a whole lot of time, which our busy lives do not allow. However, we want to have a decent looking lawn without too much effort, time or money put into it. The best way to do that is to outsource and get a proffesional grass cutting service that Pitstop Gardening offer. Grass cutting can be quite a pain otherwise but their professional service offering grass cutting,- especially in Yarrambat, Plenty, Hurstbridge, Whittlesea, Kangaroo Ground, Eltham Templestowe and Kew can be an incredible help to you. The firms that offer the perfect grass cutting services have immense grass cutting research and experience like at Pitstop Gardening.

It has also been noted that grass cutting is one of the most common problems of maintaining a lawn but it does not necessarily need to be. Here are some tips to reform your grass cutting and mowing habits that can give you a great lawn.

Grass Cutting in Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground, Kew, Research, Whittlesea and Yarrambat

Since grass cutting is one of the biggest problems of maintaining a lawn, the good thing is that once you have detected the problem, finding a solution becomes relatively easy.

What If you did not mow?

Not mowing your lawn or not cutting the grass may sound very tempting to lazy souls but the end-result is not so nice especially when the grass grows up to 24 inches long and nobody wants a jungle in place of their lawn.

Not only will it look like a disaster but it will also become a place where allergy-producing pollen can grow. Then, in absolutely no time, the grass can start falling over, which gives out a very neglected appearance to the garden. Uncut grass also allows a lot of pests and insects to grow and thrive, which can become rather harmful at times. Long grass not only looks unpleasant but can also be dangerous for homes with children around. Thus, it is best to do a little bit of grass cutting and get a great looking lawn instead of one that looks deserted completely.

Grass cutting also improves the look of the grass because it actually helps grass in growing thicker since every time the grass is cut, the tip of each blade of grass contains hormones that suppress the growth of grass horizontally. Therefore, when you cut the lawn, you are actually cutting the tips along with the hormones of the grass that will allow it to spread and grow sooner. But probably the best benefit of frequent cutting is more of a weed free appearance, due to weeds not having time to grow flowers- drop seeds- which produces more weeds in the lawn. Instead, a weed free manicured lawn is maintained. Lawn Mowing or grass cutting also cuts the damaged and brown tips, which make it appear greener and thicker. The team at Pitstop Gardening will fit in to your schedule so you end up with your perfect lawn.